About Me

Government Analyst, Statistics Lover, Mathematics Enthusiast, Adjunct Instructor

My Background

My love for statistics and numbers extends to my undergraduate days, where I graduated Troy University with a double major in Mathematics and Psychology. Then began my 7 years of teaching at the collegiate and high school levels, during which time I also received two Master of Science degrees, one in Mathematics Education from Troy University and one in Statistics from Auburn University.

Beyond analyzing tricky problems and devising creative solutions, I also pride myself in an inquisitive and curious nature that is able to solve life’s puzzles and enigmas. I also love to teach ideas to others and convey complex and complicated concepts in a variety of contexts.

What I Do

Government Analyst II, Tallahassee, FL – I began work here in May 2021.

My Past Experiences

Sterling College
2020 – 2021
Assistant Professor of Mathematics. I taught a wide variety of undergraduate mathematics and statistics courses, including Regression Analysis, Elementary Statistics, Calculus I, and Introduction to Statistical Reasoning.

Houston County High School
Mathematics Teacher. I had the privilege of teaching high school mathematics, including senior-level Honor’s classes.

Troy University
Adjunct Mathematics/Statistics Instructor. I taught Introductory Statistics for two semesters, as well as a math class or two.

Auburn University
Graduate Teaching Assistant. For two years while getting my M.S. in Statistics, I taught classes as a GTA at Auburn University. Classes ranged from Business Calculus to Calculus II to Finite Mathematics.

Contact me regarding work history beyond this time frame.

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